Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are public school teachers stressed?

Sound Off of the Day for March 11
“The stress level among faculty members at school is going through the roof. Elevated blood pressures, migraines, chest pains, hives and exhaustion are taking a serious toll on both administrators and teachers. Educational professionals: Please get your rest and take care of your health.”


  1. I believe the source of their stress is big brother and a government that is too big for it's britches. All that crap about no child left behind. Our state is making cut backs even the temperatures of the school rooms are being effected. It's only getting worse. If they have headaches now they will be wal-mart workers in a few years. I've heard a number of stories about teachers leaving the teaching profession. What it must take to leave the career you paid to educate yourself for. I am wondering if this is a trend. Is this a growing trend? If so, what kind of people are left behind in our schools? Are they ones that are willing to go along with whatever is happening? Personally I am not a go with the flow person. I disagree with much of what is happening in our society. I would not last 10 minutes in a public school system.

  2. Alasandra, due to an odd quirk I have trouble e-mailing you on this PC but here is a link you have got to see. I read it and wept. No actually I went AAAAAHhhhhhhhhh. Oy weh!


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