Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Teacher Sounds Off

Makes sense
I am a local public school teacher. Cutting five days off the school year would work. After we take our state-mandated MCT2 tests in May, we have five to six days left of school. These children’s minds are now closed. We have poked, prodded and done all except take blood from them. After the “tests,” they don’t hear a thing except how many days are left before their summer vacation starts. As long as the “tests” were given the last days of school, removing the five days would work.


  1. I have to agree with this teacher. Who doesn't remember those last few days prior to Summer break. Tests were done and over with and the students were total zombies. We'd sit there in physical form only whilst our brains were nowhere to be found. And I think it was similar with the teachers. Many of the teachers I had allowed us to goof off in class as long as we weren't too noisy. Good days, man, good days....


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