Friday, March 12, 2010

Alasandra's Place: Dog Murdered for Defending His Home

Alasandra's Place: Dog Murdered for Defending His Home:

"The officer was at the home investigating a complaint of children not attending school and was trying to find a parent when he went to the door of the house, Wallace said.

While investigating, Wallace said, the officer was told a 2-year-old was possibly inside the home unattended. When the officer opened the door to go inside, the dog bit him.

The officer then fired his weapon and killed the dog, Wallace said. It turned out there was not an unattended child inside the home.

Don't POLICE OFFICERS have to knock and wait for someone to open the door? What right did this Police Officer have to invade someones home and kill their pet????????"


  1. There have been way too many instances of officers killing family pets in recent months. Why are ALL officers not educated in how to deal with animals without killing them as a first response?

  2. Jan, that's because there is no repercussion and its faster to shoot the dog rather than try other more time consuming methods. The officer will never face disciplinary hearings or actions so this won't end.

    I have a dog in his golden years (heck, as old and spoiled as he is it's more like platinum) and he was fiercely protective of his 'pack' when he could still see and hear. When I did an open house for another realtor colleague (many years ago) I was bitten twice by the family’s senior citizen dog. I wasn’t told that there was a dog on the premises (never a good idea) and so silently walked through the house rather than announcing my presence. I wasn’t mad at the dog and made the family promise they wouldn’t hurt him (they were scared he’d gone senile and would be a threat to their child). As far as I was concerned the pooch did his job and did it well. I left really fast after feeling those teeth LOL. I still bear the scars from the attack and it’s a good message too. Even the oldest pet will still defend their pack if they can

    I can see shooting a protective large dog in an emergency (why not zap them with a stun thingie) but this wasn't a life or death situation and the officers actions are questionable.

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