Thursday, February 11, 2010

Public School Cafeteria Worker Throws Food in Students Face

Teen, cafeteria aide charged in food fight brawl - Weird News -

A Connecticut public school cafeteria worker and a 13-year-old girl face criminal charges after police said a food fight turned into a real fight. Waterbury police said the fifth-grader at Gilmartin Elementary School threw vegetables at 55-year-old lunch aide Rosa Robles last Thursday, and Robles responded by throwing vegetables in the girl's face. Police said a fight broke out when the girl punched Robles in the face. Authorities said both suffered cut lips, and the girl also had scratches on her face. School officials said Robles is on paid leave and the girl has been suspended.


  1. Hi, I started following your blog a few days ago. You inspire me! Here is a link to an article from last year. 'Made my blood boil. Judge for yourself.


  2. I can't beleive that kids are even subject to this nonsense! I am shocked!

  3. I'm not sure what is more appalling, the 13-year old who thought it was a good idea to throw food, and fists, at a 55 year old lunch lady, or that the lunch lady thought it was wise to retaliate and get in a fight with a kid.

  4. Wendy, the trophy goes to the 55 year old lunch lady. 55 years of experience vs. 13 years. Where's the comparison? It's possible the girl has been on her case for months before, but in my opinion, nothing justifies an adult loosing control to this extent.

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