Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homeschoolers don’t cost you

Emilie Fogle points out that unlike Public School at Home (online) students Homeschoolers don’t cost you.

Homeschooling families cost their local school districts and the state of Washington nothing. We do not purchase books, computers or finance our lunches and field trips with state or local money. Some 25 years ago our legislators wisely recognized that parents would be responsible for “all decisions relating to philosophy or doctrine, selection of books, teaching materials and curriculum, methods and timing.” We ask nothing from the state and the state recognizes our responsibility for our children’s education.


  1. And our library fines probably fund at least half the children's section, at least!

  2. Dana, too funny. That's how I regard my library fines. I usually stagger out with 20-25 books for the three of us and fines suck up my coffee money. But I don't mind too much since it's funneled back into the library I so liberally use.

  3. I thank god that we are a military family and the post library does not charge us for late fees. If they did we would owe them our retirement by now! We check out at least 30 books a week. Sometimes more than that if the entire family goes with me. We get busy with work and school and we miss our due dates by a few days. If I didn't have an infant I would spend more time hanging out at the library and reading and browsing. Sigh! The days before the children was pure luxury. I hope that I pass on this love for the library to them. I'm looking forward to spending hours there again in the future.

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