Monday, March 16, 2009

The Torment's of the Modest,Secluded Farm Life

Poor Doris Anne Beaulieu had strict parents who sent her to a PRIVATE SCHOOL, so now that she is all grown up she is writing books attacking homeschooling and parents who choose to homeschool their children.

If I had the time I would write a book chronicling the shitty experiences I had in the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM and how I am emotionally damaged because of them. But I would never assume that my experiences were shared by every public school student in America or demonize parents who send their children to public schools.

I am sorry that Ms. Beaulieu didn't have the childhood she thinks would have most benefited her but to assume that her life experiences are the norm for homeschoolers is ludicrous especially as she wasn't even homeschooled and she seems to know very little about homeschooling.

Her biased and prejudiced opinions deserve to be ignored as the rantings of a embittered woman who wants to "punish" homeschoolers because she didn't have the childhood she wanted.


  1. I give no weight to idiots who don't know the first thing about the subject they try to educate others about.

    ( she doesn't even have comments enabled )

  2. I am sure she didn't want comments that were contrary to her point of view.

  3. But I was just gonna go over there and tell her how well-reasoned her opinions were!


  4. Wow...she sounds pretty "off" to me... where (besides her own mind) is she getting her info??


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