Monday, March 16, 2009

Divorce at root of homeschool decision

I am baffled why Venessa Mills didn't think a judge would get involved over the couples dispute over the decision to send their children to public school or continue homeschooling when she is in the middle of a divorce.

This really doesn't seem to be much of a homeschooling issue although many homeschoolers are already up in arms about the judge ordering the kids back to public school.

Sadly the parents do not agree on what the best educational choice is for the children. The Father wants them to go to public school where they will learn about evolution. The Mother wants to homeschool them and teach them creationism. Someone had to decide which parent would win; and in cases of divorce it's usually a judge. If the couple were not divorcing then it would be up to the parents to reach a compromise, unfortunately when marriages dissolve judges wind up making many decisions regarding the children that are caught in the middle.


  1. That's a good point: The judge would obviously get involved.

    However, the couple posts I've read tend to focus on the the fact that the judge seemed to make his ruling based on religious motivation, rather than the quality of education and care the mother was providing her children.


  2. While I do agree that the judge was more sympathetic toward the husbands desire to have his children taught evolution one of the parents were going to have their choice denied. I am looking forward to reading the judges written opinion, rather then the shrill rheteric being put out by some homeschoolers.

    Also since the children are school age there is no reason the mother can not work outside the home and support herself if they are enrolled in public school. I have to ask myself if this may have also played a part in the judges decision.


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