Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is homeschool advocacy at its worst

Patrice Lewis in her post Playing God with homeschoolers totally ignores the facts.

She maintains the children in the Mills case are being forced into public school against the parent's wishes. When in actual fact the FATHER, asked that his children be placed in public school.

Ms. Lewis is also ignoring the fact that Mrs. Mills' own parents think she belongs to a cult and is being brainwashed. They testified on their son in laws behalf.

And somehow it gets lost in the MEAN JUDGE will not make my soon to be ex-husband give me enough money to continue to be a Stay at Home Mom and homeschool my kids whining that Venessa Mills was the one that instigated the divorce that led to all this upheaval in her children's lives.

Do homeschoolers have anything to worry about from the judges decision? NO, this ruling will not effect you, HSLDA even agrees, this is NOT A HOMESHOOLING ISSUE.


  1. I think your view is short-sighted. Whether you agree with the mother's religious views, or believe the claims of her family, isn't the point. Neither is whether the father wanted the children to be in public school.

    Remove all of those aspects, and this is still very concerning in terms of the remarks that the judge made about homeschooling and the way he has handled this whole case.

    What the judge said about homeschooling was nothing to do with religion or the father's wishes. If this is the attitude of a judge toward homeschooling in a divorce case, then it's only a short step away to something more serious.

    I don't think homeschoolers should be taking this so lightly, or being scared away by all the other issues.

  2. WHOA! I didn't even get to the Mills case part.

    I have two older boys in public school and they're perfectly polite, thankyousomuch. They also cover what needs to be covered and are respectful to teachers and peers for the most part (nobody's perfect).

    I don't appreciate the stereotyping of my ps children any more than I appreciate stereotypes of hand-sewn dressed geeky backwards types who are several years ahead in school and always say, "Yes, ma'am!" enthusiastically when Mom speaks.

    Some aspects of this Mills case concern me, sure. But I'm much more concerned with the craziness I see in response to the case. People are gonna think all of us who *happen* to be Christians and *happen* to homeschool are wacko. Ultimately, the way-out reaction this case is getting is going to hurt homeschooling way more than this judge ever could.


  3. I think you are 100% right Mrs. C about
    "the way-out reaction this case is getting is going to hurt homeschooling way more than this judge ever could."

    And I know lots of well behaved public school children myself. My kids even went to public school K-
    5th grade. I think it's a shame when any group gets stereotyped.

    arkenmom, you can't ignore "the aspects of the case". Those pesky little facts are what the judge based his decision on. And the biggest FACT is that the judge would NOT be involved in the educational choice for these children if the parents were not divorcing.


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