Sunday, March 22, 2009

Certified Public School Teachers Having Sex With Students

In the past 14 months, three Coast teachers have been arrested and charged with having sexual relationships with minors.

Read more in The Sun Herald.


  1. The whole thing about technology making it easier for teachers to have sex with kids? Gimme a break. Wouldn't you think that would be "more ways teachers can get evidence against themselves seized" than the good old-fashioned talking to the kid in person?

    Good grief. These teachers are plain old bad and the article goes looking for an excuse. Morons.

  2. I agree with Mrs. C: It is far overstated that having a personal relationship with your students leads directly to sex.

    Personal relationships can certainly allow for sexual relationships to form, but the best teachers are the ones who relate to me on a personal level. The fact of the matter is that we simply do not have sex with every person with whom we form a personal relationship.



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