Friday, February 24, 2012

Confused Sara Mead

In her post Why Are We So Fascinated with Homeschooling? Sara Mead seems a tad bit confused. Ms. Mead charter schools and homeschooling are NOT the same thing.

She states

*It's not entirely clear that it's a great idea for Santorum to talk much about home-schooling his kids, given that this story doesn't reflect all that well on the family. 

The flap is over Santorum sending his children to a PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL, it has nothing to do with homeschooling.

It's easy to see from the rest of her post that Mead knows very little about homeschooling, but has decided it must be bad since she doesn't understand it and it's not regulated so she can collect data in order to converse about it with other intellectuals. I wonder if she has the same problem with home-cooked meals?

Homeschool advocacy groups have fought to oppose any regulation or data collection on homeschooling and homeschool families--but the resulting limited data actually makes it impossible to have intelligent conversations that aren't driven too much by anecdote. 

Ms. Mead just because you can't collect data and analyze something doesn't make it bad.

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