Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spare Me From The Religious Right & The Loony Left

I really have to wonder about people. First there was the person who contacted me about advertising their homeschooling product on my blog. Obviously the man hadn't bothered to read my blog or he would have know that there was no way I would advertise his product, and that while I may be a fellow homeschooler I certainly don't share his Fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

Then along came this conspiracy theory loon, who believes all homeschoolers are Fundamentalist Christians bent on world domination and establishing an American Theocracy.

He shares such gems as:

millions of vulnerable children (estimates are suspect because of poor reporting requirements) became virtual prisoners in their own homes, pawns in a scheme to overthrow the United States Government and replace it with a theocracy

The majority of Homeschooled children are not prisoners and they certainly aren't part of some scheme to overthrow the government.

Lead by radicals, this movement is creating a virtual fifth column of ignorant children raised to hate democracy and to revile and distrust their government institutions.

Homeschoolers certainly aren't ignorant.
Kansas City area homeschoolers win BEST robotics competition

Local Homeschooler, Anthony Hengst, named Florida Geographic Bee Semi-Finalist

Homeschooled 6th-grader wins Pilot spelling bee

Homeschooled boy wins national science contest

With sequestered children constantly supervised by zealous despotic parents, the indoctrination of a backward debauched religion can take place 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Honestly this is so ludicrous I am at a loss for words. Obviously Richard Collins INTOLERANCE for those whose religious beliefs are different from his is showing. He goes on to mention anti-homeschooler Rob Reich.

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Secular Homeschool Support Groups by State


  1. Based on my personal experience, I might think this guy's right. Here in North Idaho it seems like 99% of the homeschoolers are extreme fundamentalist. It can feel very lonely being the one secular homeschooler in a group of 100. I have yet to meet another secular homeschooler in my area.

  2. Idaho had several secular homeschool support groups, have you checked them out.

    ◦Idaho Falls Homeschool Association
    ◦Palouse Alternative Homeschoolers
    ◦Scholars on the Home Front
    ◦SW Idaho Homeschooling
    ◦Spokane Homeschoolers

    Secular Homeschool Support Groups by State.

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