Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ron French is totally WRONG in his post Lax home-school laws put kids at risk , nothing could be further from the truth. And I have a question for Mr. French WHERE WAS CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES? ????

By his own admission several complaints had been filed with CPS.
Several complaints were lodged against the Springers to Children's Protective Services. It's not known publicly whether Centreville school officials were the source of those complaints, because complainants are kept confidential.
Did CPS ignore the complaints? Did they investigate at all? Homeschooling would in NO WAY prevent Child Protective Services from investigating complaints. This is a clear case where CPS FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB.

And then there is this
Calista Springer lay tethered to her bed by a dog collar while her siblings went off to school each morning.
Why didn't the siblings who were in public school get help for their sister? Why didn't they tell a teacher or school counselor?

*Note a commenter took issue with my statement that the siblings could have told a teacher or a school counselor and pointed out that victims of abuse seldom ask for help. I am no way blaming Calista's siblings for her death. But homeschool critics often state that Public School Students can tell teachers/guidance counselor of abuse and ask for help and that this option is not open to homeschoolers. I am merely pointing out that Calista's siblings were in PUBLIC SCHOOL and could have told a teacher/guidance counselor and didn't.

"Home school played a role in Calista's death," said prosecutor McDonough. "They basically eliminated any person who could have reported abuse, and the justification was the home school law."
NO IT DIDN'T!!!!! The fact that the parents claimed to be homeschooling Calista in no way prevented CPS from doing their job. CALISTA WAS A VICTIM OF LAZY OR INEPT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.


  1. YES !! I can't believe they had the nerve to blame homeschooling. Why didn't the other kids tell ? This is about insane breeders ( can't even call them parents ) !!

  2. I agree that homeschooling was not the problem; however, it's not right to ask why the other children didn't tell.
    Abusive homes breed an environment of silence. Most children would never tell for fear of not being believed or for fear that them or their siblings would be hurt worse or even killed. Abusers control children with violence and threats of violence and other manipulation. It's an extremely dangerous thing to put any kind of blame on the children and it's shameful to even suggest that the children could have stopped it!

  3. AlbertaMama, one of the arguments homeschooling critics make is that IF children are in public school they can ask a teacher or guidance counselor for help. That they can TELL someone of the abuse and that homeschooled children do not have that option. I was merely pointing out that Calista had TWO siblings in public school who could have asked for help. But as you pointed out victims of abuse seldom do. I also suspect the two children in public school were abused. Obviously homeschooling v public schooling had nothing to do with the abuse going on in Calista's home.


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