Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are Students of Protestant Christian Schools/Homeschools Receiving Inferior Educations?

This report seems to indicate they are.

"In many cases, the difference in outcomes between Catholic and Protestant Christian schools is striking," the study states. "Catholic schools provide superior academic outcomes, an experience that translates into graduates' enrollment in more prestigious colleges and universities, more advanced degrees and higher household income. 

Additionally, graduates of Protestant Christian schools attend less competitive colleges than both their Catholic and non-religious private school peers." 


  1. As someone who went to a Protestant Christian school, I think this is totally bunk. My high school (which was Protestant Christian) consistently has ACT scores higher than state and national average, both composite and every other area. They offer dual credit college courses, AP classes, and recently a special STEM academy. I myself am in my last semester of college and will be graduating early with two majors. I think that perhaps some students at some schools receive inferior education but that is true of some Catholic schools as well. There are so many more factors that go into this I think than whether or not a school/family is protestant Christian or Catholic.

  2. Miss Lissy, I would just like to point out that Catholics are Christians too.

    I attended a Southern Baptist Church School and the Science department was dreadful. They didn't teach real Science at all just Creationism and a bunch of myths and fairytales.

  3. The standardized test scores of the Protestant Christian schools in my area are extremely good. Homeschoolers consistently perform extremely well. Hmmm...


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