Friday, March 11, 2011

Moronic Bob Cook Doesn't Know Squat

I guess it was to much to ask that Bob Cook get his facts straight regarding homeschoolers.

Frankly I don't think athletic programs belong in the public schools in the first place. Just think if public schools didn't have to fund athletic programs (especially football) they could spend their money on things like textbooks and teacher's salaries and provide little Johnny with a top notch education, instead of giving a small minority of public school students a chance to play football.

But I digress.................According to Cook
The Home School Legal Defense Association itself shows how homeschooling organizations — still overwhelming evangelical Christian, even as homeschooling has spread beyond its population (insufferable liberals instead call it “unschooling” to separate themselves from the conservative rabble) — try to play both sides of the high school football field chain-link fence.

First off the Home $chool Legal Defense Association does NOT represent all homeschoolers. Homeschooling is NOT overwhelming evangelical Christian (80% of homeschoolers, homeschool for non-religious reasons), and Liberal Homeschoolers DO NOT call it unschooling to separate themselves from the conservative rabble. Unschooling is a homeschooling method employed by both Liberal and Conservative Christian Homeschoolers.

Yes — only the contact that homeschool families choose to have, the kind that makes up for what homeschoolers lack, without exposing them too much to bad things like cooties, street gangs, and Catholics.

Moron, plenty of Catholics homeschool.

And one can only wonder why public school parents are so opposed to homeschoolers being allowed to play on public school football teams. Are they afraid their precious little public school students can't compete with athletically gifted homeschooled and private schooled students and will wind up sitting on the bench? Do they secretly believe that private school and homeschool students are receiving a superior education but justify sending their children to public schools by telling themselves they wouldn't be able to play football otherwise?

Apparently writing one article bashing homeschoolers wasn't enough for Cook, he followed up with this.

You might not know this if you’re not a football fan or an evangelical Christian, but Tim Tebow was a home-schooled student who playing actual high school football in Florida, then won the Heisman Trophy and two national championships at the University of Florida, then became a first-round pick of the Denver Broncos. You’ll know they are evangelical Christians not just by their love, but by their “Tebow 15″ Broncos jerseys.

What is it with this guy? All homeschoolers are not evangelical Christians, all Tim Tebow fans aren't either. Next time Cook takes it into his empty little head to write about homeschoolers maybe he should try doing some research instead of sticking with the outdated stereotypes he seems hung up on.


  1. I hate it when people make ignorant comments like this!! They think they know everything about home schoolers, when in fact all they know is what people gripe about. I just don't understand why the general public has to be so concerned about what the rest of us choose to do...

  2. It is clear that Bob Cook neither understands the nuts and bolts of homeschooling nor wants to. His writing is equal parts flame-throwing and analysis. He uses the "get a sense of humor" defense when his humor fails, exposing his ignorance. He's not worth reading.

  3. I agree with your post but am not sure why you put a $ in HSLDA..


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