Friday, February 04, 2011

Joe Pitts Thinks It is OK To Let Women Die!

Alasandra's Place: Joe Pitts Thinks It is OK To Let Women Die!


  1. What did we all think would come from allowing pro-choice people to have their way with babies. Now that people are use to killing the littlest people it's not such a far cry to kill off the poor people. Next it will be the edlerly because they take up so much space and resources. Eventually we will have a perfect society with no handicaps and we can all work and pay taxes so the politicians can take lavish vacations and live like Gods.

  2. Apparently you didn't bother to read the link. Joe Pitts is ANTI-Choice. He wants to force women to carry babies to term even if it KILLS THEM. The pro-choice people aren't the ones who treat women like incubators with no value beyond the ability to reproduce.


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