Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tom Stein ask What do we do with home-schoolers?

I question why Tom Stein thinks we need a nanny state in order to educate our children. Does he also think the state should regulate what we feed our families. I mean obesity is a real problem especially in the South. It leads to all sorts of medical consequences that impact society but do we really want the government telling us what to eat? The government with all it's public school regulations hasn't done a bang up job of educating the children entrusted to their care, so why would anyone think it would be a good idea for them to regulate homeschoolers

And why is Tom Stein suddenly concerned about homeschoolers, because public schools have increased their graduation rates.

The subject of the week is home-schooling. More and more people in Richmond are doing this -- or claiming to do this. One result? Our graduation rate is improving, for when a student leaves the district for home-schooling, the departure does not count against the rate. Does this explain the whole increase? Maybe not. But it sure helps.


  1. Home visits? Is he serious? That would be a complete invasion of privacy.

    Can you imagine the outcry if an newspaper editorialist called for a blanket policy of mandatory home visits for all families headed by a single parent or of a particular ethnicity/race? If that would be seen as unfair stereotyping (which it is), why then is it okay to stereotype homeschoolers?

  2. It's extremely disturbing that so many people have a problem with those of us who homeschool. What happened to raising our children the way we see fit?? Like you said, the "state" isn't doing such a good job with the public schooled kids, so why does everybody think we need to be regulated? So we can fail??

  3. It seems interesting that his chief justification is public schools getting parents of "dropouts" to become "homeschoolers"

    As a homeschooling father I am disturbed by this "pastor."

    I wrote a response


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