Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Cretins are posting again

With it being summer I was hoping the cretins had taken a break until I read this A look at the negative effects of homeschooling by Grace Angel

There are many negative effects to the home schooling process. Many children struggle with social development issues because they are home schooled.

Obviously this is Ms Angel's OPINION and she has NOTHING to support it. And who is Ms. Angel, apparently a nobody who likes spouting ludicrous opinions,  there is no biographical information available for Ms. Angel on the Helium site.

It is also well documented that the home school environment does not allow for extracurricular activities.

Really!!!!! apparently Ms Angel is unaware that homeschoolers are part of recreational sports teams, join boy/girl Scouts, 4-H, Theater groups, attend Art History Classes at local museums, sing in choirs, take music lessons and are involved in a host of other extracurricular activities. I would love to see Ms Angel's so called documentation, I wonder if she can produce it?

Many students become bored with the educational process in home schooling. This is because they do not change environments enough to remain interested

This is apparently her OPINION again and is not backed up by any documentation. And of course public school students never get bored.

The intensity with which a student must study for their exams is very emotionally draining. Sometimes students will actually perform to a lower level than they're capable of because they must go through such a difficult exam process.

I haven't got a clue what she is talking about here, more proof that this cretin hasn't got a clue about anything related to homeschooling.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at A look at the negative effects of homeschooling by Teresa Aira


  1. Yeah a lot of people "think the know best when they find ways to denounce home schooling". One thing they might not realize is the fact that many home schoolers are actually advanced students who also actively participate in groups such as 4-H, Church, Scouts, etc.

  2. Oh my, that "bored" comment is priceless [smile].


  3. "Lack of learning the norms for future public education. Homeschooled children may be well-equipped educationally to move on to higher education, but they may not learn the norms that are expected within the traditional environment."

    Huh? I am not sure what she was trying to say here. Anyone care to have a stab at it? 'the norms expected within the traditional environment'... I guess, the rides at the amusement park yesterday plastered my brain against the sides of my cranial cavity because I don't get it.

  4. Marlis - I think she is assuming that homeschoolers will at some point in the future be enrolled in public school. In my experience, it seems like the opposite is more likely to be true.

  5. What Tami said. My daughter started out in public school, and ended up homeschooled!


  6. Oh, my children who are involved in so many activities that I can't keep up such as riding, Scouts, piano, sailing, swimming, and ballet are still somehow deprived, unlike those public school kids who average 6 hours of TV a day?

    And somehow my children are so socially backwards that they are complemented frequently on their good behavior in public. I forgot, they don't fit in well with their peers who are rude, loud, and obnoxious.

    People who know they can't win in the arena of ideas resort to throwing mud, hoping some will stick. It won't work. There are too many well educated, lovely, and kind children graduating from homeschooling these days for anyone with intelligence to believe.


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