Monday, August 09, 2010

Another Imbecile

Do these self appointed experts ever bother to do anything resembling RESEARCH, apparently NOT. Parents and Homeschooling Disadvantages Article by justkat73 Edited & published by Laurie Patsalides

  • Lack of free time.  And public school parents have loads of free time right? My friends whose children attend public school are always complaining about how their child's  HOMEWORK takes up all their time. Because homeschool students aren't loaded down with "busywork", and homeschoolers don't have the discipline problems and time wasters (changing classrooms etc.)  that public schools do homeschooling actually takes less time then public school.
  • Cost - OK, this is a bona fide disadvantage, but it is the same disadvantage parents who send their children to private school face and you don't see busybodies writing about the disadvantages of private school do you?
  • Lost time from work- Ah, one of those women who don't think being a homemaker is worthwhile. 
  • Lack of peer interaction and resources - And this is where IF she had made the slightest attempt to research HOMESCHOOLING she would have discovered the plethora of resources and homeschool groups available.
  • Need for continued education.- And this is a disadvantage how? Many jobs require you to continue your education. Learning new things should never be seen as a disadvantage.


  1. Having dedicated my life to homeschooling my bambinos for the time being I am definitely sacrificing my career. And it's worth it. Will I be remembered in 50 years for being a busy worker bee? Or do I choose to be remembered as a dedicated, loving mom who made learning fun and a lifelong passion. I guess I know which one matters more to me.

    You know, Alasandra, the funny thing is that you'll rarely hear a homeschooling mom criticize a traditional mother for sending her kids to school. You don't see many (if any) articles bashing mothers who choose to send their kids to schoo. And yet, negative articles about homeschoolers and the purported disadvantages abound. Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

  2. Yes, it really does make you wonder. I think on some level they feel guilty for choosing their careers over their children so they have to make those Mothers who actually put their kids first look bad.


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