Saturday, June 12, 2010

Police: Ex- PUBLIC SCHOOL teacher went to meet child for sex

A former teacher, indicted on child sex-crime charges, tried to run over police Thursday night to avoid arrest while she was on her way to meet a girl for sex, authorities said.

Police: Ex-Public School teacher went to meet child for sex - Crime & Courts -


  1. Hi Alasandra, if it's alright I had a question for you. In the last several weeks you've posted a great deal of links to sites detailing the horrors of public schools, depraved teachers and aids. I was wondering why and to what end? This question isn't meant at all in a mean way, please understand. It's just that I understood your blog to be one that supported homeschooling and highlighted the positive environment - what we are all about - rather than one that pointed out everything we aren't. As I have mentioned many times, I love your blog, visit much too frequently and really value your opinion. It's just that many of the post recently have been focused rather to highlight what a very small percentage of bad individuals do in a very very large part of the population.



  2. The answer is easy. From time to time the media will post some article with a headline drawing negative attention to homeschooling and painting all homeschool parents as abusers or potential abusers. For example the Calista Springer incident, where the media blamed homeschooling for her death, even though she had TWO SIBLINGS in PUBLIC SCHOOL. Often there is a misguided call to abolish homeschooling and force all parents to send their children to public school so they will be "safe". These links are mainly compiled so that when something like that happens I'll have the links available for a response.

  3. Sorry I didn't get back to you yet. I've been pretty busy for a few days. Thanks for your reply.


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