Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Does Mr. Sharp Expect Homescoolers to Sacrifice Their Children to The Public Schools

Alex Sharp maintains that public schools lose when gifted kids are homeschooled, what about all those gifted kids that attend PRIVATE SCHOOLS???????

Apparently Mr. Sharp visited Facebooks Gifted Homeschoolers Forum and came away with this nugget of information.

One theme through out the site is that disappointment in public schools propels the desire to homeschool.

I think this is true for most homeschoolers, even those who don't have gifted children. He then goes on to state that "Gifted Education Needs Homeschool Parents to Become Public School Parents".

Baloney!!! Our children do not have to be enrolled in public schools in order for us to voice our concerns to the school board. Any taxpaying citizen can voice their concerns to the school board. And no parent should be asked to sacrifice their child's future for the sake of  the public schools. Far better to pull your child out and homeschool them so they can reach their full potential then leave them stagnating in the public schools while you work to fix them.

Homeschool parents may not realize what their children would have added to the classroom.

Why should any child  be expected to stick around and enrich the public school classrooms, when they receive nothing in return. Far better that their parents homeschool them and enrich their lives so that they can reach their full potential and enrich lives as adults.

And note that Mr Sharp only criticizes homeschool parents for not sticking around and shoring up the public schools not those who send their children to private schools, WHY? Why do private school parents get to make the best educational choice for their child while homeschool parents are expected to sacrifice their children to the public schools?


  1. Interesting article. I was a bit mystified by Mr Sharp's opinion that schools would welcome ideas from parents of gifted children. Most schools are trying to stretch cut budgets and design curriculum so that students will pass high stakes tests (even though they say they don't, they've been doing it since I was in public school, maybe longer.) Anything a parent suggests would need to go through so much bureaucratic red tape, the child could be graduating before a new program is offered.

    Just the opinion of someone who has worked in public schools. :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. It isn't enough for homeschoolers to pay taxes, vote in national and school board elections, and advocate for safer schools politically.

    Now we have to send our gifted kids into public schools so that they can be unpaid paras for our neighbours' children. Brilliant reasoning, Mr. Sharp!

  3. Mr. Sharp seems very naive about how school boards operate. My local school board was very unresponsive to the wishes of the parents even when a large number (49%) of us banded together and sued them. And because they serve such lengthy terms here my elementary aged children would have been in high school before new board members were elected. Not to mention that the only board member who was on our side was the only one I would have been able to vote for, as the 3 that opposed us were the ones in other districts.


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