Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Moron Writes About Homeschooling

Is it to much to ask that these morons that feel compelled to write about homeschooling actually do some research first.

According to the moron "One of the greatest challenges of home schooling is the social factor." What total BS. I know this is apparently hard for public school advocates to believe but there is LIFE outside the walls of a public school building. There is a whole world full of people for you and your children to socialize with A world where you aren't restricted to socializing with someone just because they happen to live in your school district and be the same approximate age as you.

The moron adds that homeschoolers need " the ability to keep the children as busy as they would be if they were in a regular school." More BS, the goal isn't to keep your children busy. Busy work is something most public schools excel at. The goal should be to educate your child. I want my children to be learning something, not just doing something to be "busy".

The moron also believes "Most parents attempt home schooling as a temporary step, but find that, once  the children are home schooled, they do so well that it “doesn’t make sense” to send them back." What utter nonsense. I know very few people who attempt home schooling as a temporary step. Yes, there are some parents who view homeschooling as a temporary solution but they are in the minority. And finding out that homeschooling works so well for your family that you wish to continue with it hardly seems like a problem.

He then goes into a long rant about medicating your children and blah, blah, blah. Apparently the guy works with some very troubled people. I just hope they aren't depending on him for advice.


  1. There are so many points on which that author is wrong that I am not even going to bother to respond beyond this: Oy veh, we're not a a bunch of kalikes, you know.

  2. I guess that author you quoted has vaguely neither researched, nor even HS himself, some of the things he mentions as drawbacks are in reality pure advantages for the kids!!


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