Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Homeschool: Homeschoolers in the News

This was one of the interesting submissions to this weeks CoH Why Homeschool: Homeschoolers in the News. Drop by The Homespun Life to read more Carnival of Homeschooling Submissions.

I agree with Janine here I doubt if Jarred Mitchell Harrell had attended public school or private school it would have been mentioned in this article. I would also like to know who did the so called homeschooling and when.

You would have thought his bizarre upbringing mentioned in this article would have been of more interest.

Mississippi court records describe a bizarre series of events that found Jarred and his sister bounced between their mother and Harrell (their father) for parts of their young lives.

Annis got custody of the children. Harrell got them back three years later following the events outlined in a judge’s 1990 order in the case.

Shortly before the Harrells separated, she was working as a secretary for Joe Newman, a married, eccentric local inventor. The two became lovers with the knowledge of Newman’s wife, while Annis still had custody of the children, the judge’s order states.

In February 1989, Newman publicized what the order states is a 17-page “news release” in which he announced he was married not only to his wife, but to Annis Harrell and her 8-year-old daughter. The order does not indicate why the release was issued or how, but the order says Newman described himself as a prophet of God and that his wife believed him, among other things.
 Alerted to the public statements, state child welfare officials sought to take the children from their mother, who officially married Newman in September 1989. During a court hearing in the custody matter, Newman said his marriage to the daughter was spiritual, not sexual, and that he would debate with God whether to consummate the marriage, the order states.
Annis divorced Newman and tried to get her children back, though a judge called her attempts manipulative and refused. But in 1993 about five years after Harrell got the children, he gave them back.

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