Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Much Ado ............. in the Public Schools

No public school coach or teacher should be promoting his/her religion to their students. If it was reversed and a Muslim coach was trying to convert the students, you can bet the Christian parents would be up in arms. But the question here seems to be was it a coach or one of the team members parents.

Trey's son, Paul Hancock, is a member of the Fordson wrestling team and so Trey Hancock would often attends meets and practices.

Now if ALL parents could attend meets and practices, I don't see how the coach was suppose to keep one parent from attending.

OH Please!!!!!! Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression doesn't just mean speech and expressions Christians don't find offensive. Did the teens exercise poor judgment and bad taste. CERTAINLY but it should have ended at the school doors.

At least nine Arab-American students on Monday sparked controversy at Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn by wearing sweatshirts with a design evoking the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Administrators lectured the students and their parents, and one of the teens offered a public apology Tuesday night at a public meeting.

But now the Conservative Media have decided to use it as an example of poor persecuted Christians can't express themselves but Muslims can.
Spunky ask

Do you remember the second-grader in another state who was sent for a psychiatric evaluation for daring to draw a "violent" picture of Jesus on the cross at Christmas?

Well yes, I do. This is what happens when you have Zero Tolerance policies in place. I also remember other children who were victims of Zero Tolerance Policies but didn't seem to garner the same amount of sympathy from Christian Bloggers.

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