Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reflections on Homeschooling Part 1 ~ Getting Started

We never intended to be a homeschooling family. When our eldest reached school age we happily sent him off to Kindergarten. When my youngest started school I became a substitute teacher at their schools. Then some snobby woman with connections to the school board decided that her taste in clothing should be inflicted on all the students who were unfortunate enough to attend the same school as her child and the mandatory public school uniform policy was born. A policy we opposed, click here and here to see why.

After we lost the court case ( Brody v. The Jackson County School Board) we examined our options. The only private schools in our area are religious and mostly Catholic. We didn't feel comfortable sending our children to a school that had religious beliefs different then our own. So we researched homeschooling on the Internet. The most difficult part of getting started was finding secular textbooks. After we finally found textbooks we were happy with we started looking for Homeschooling Support Groups. At that time the only groups in our area were Christian Groups who required a statement of faith to join. Now thankfully there is an INCLUSIVE group called PEAK that we belong to.

So with our secular textbooks and our inclusive group we were ready to get started on our homeschooling journey.............

Part II


  1. I agree that it's difficult finding good science and history curricula that do not take a "Young Earth" Creationist standpoint. I don't care about secular vs. Christian so much as the timeline issue. While I believe the Bible is true, I am not a literalist in my reading of Scripture. So I'm not interested in programs that revise the timeline to make it match up with a literal interpretation of the Bible.

  2. We enjoyed the Language of God by Francis S. Collins

    I personally like theistic evolution.


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