Friday, May 15, 2009

Fundamentalist bloggers spreading misinformation again

Courtroom injustices are all the rage on fundamentalist homeschooling blogs and Wing (er I mean World) Net Daily. Of course they never bother to get their facts straight.

This is what really happened courtesy of Right Juris.Com
Now back to the story. There are clear warnings posted at the Courthouse to turn off your cell phones and not to use them in the Courtroom. She is being held for warning her husband about the actions that the opposing party were taking to collect the debt. I am sure this sounds pretty innocent, but think about what would happen if this type of behavior were allowed to go unpunished. Parties would simply have text messages sent out from the Courtroom instructing third parties to hide or dispose of assets if a hearing did not look favorable. It’s the content of the text that really got her into trouble with the Judge. I know I’m going to sound like the crotchety old man here, but people these days have no sense of manners when it comes to text messaging. Text messages in church, class, driving, and other equally inappropriate places is a huge problem. This type of behavior needs to be dealt with.

Mrs. Henwood was released from jail today after talking to the judge and having him explain why he put her in jail.

Not this Woman gets 30 days in jail for texting in court

Perhaps the fundamentalist bloggers should get more savvy and rely on something other the Wing Nut Daily for their information.

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