Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Homeschooling does not equal Fundamentalist Christian

First I despise sites that won't let you comment unless you register like Word Press or I would have just commented on this idiotic post on Jewel's SPAM blog.

When homeschool children are taught by their parents about Darwin, they don’t usually get lectures about how his theory of natural selection is the foundation of modern biology. No, they are taught something much different.

NOT ALL HOMESCHOOLERS ARE FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS AND MANY OF US BELIVE THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS CORRECT. I am sick of people like Jewel and Daniel Florien , who wrote the original post Teaching Homeschool Kids About Darwin, trying to lump all homeschoolers together.

Doug Phillips is the President of Vision Forum Ministries, a popular fundamentalist Christian organization that advocates patriarchy, creationism, and homeschooling. He has eight children and encourages couples to have as many as God gives them — he thinks birth control is a sin (see “quiverfull“).

Homeschoolers are a diverse group and we don't all believe the same things. In fact some of us not only believe in birth control we use it.


  1. I'd like to know why these people are getting all hepped up about the socialization and worldview of children that aren't even theirs. They need a hobby or something.

  2. I imagine it's because they feel Fundamentalist Christians threaten their freedoms. After all the majority of them want to legislate morality.

  3. ACK! And they're NOT legislating morality when they tell me what I can and can't teach?


  4. Why do you think I am lumping all homeschoolers together?

    1) I was talking specifically about fundamentalist homeschoolers who disbelieve in evolution.

    2) I have nothing against homeschooling.

    3) In fact, I have considered doing homeschooling myself.

    So take a couple deep breaths — I'm not one of those people who think all homeschoolers are exactly the same. How could they be? That would be a ridiculous thing to think.

  5. Sorry Daniel I have had to many people tell me I must believe (blank) because I homeschool and all homeschoolers are Fundamentalist Christians. I have even arranged field trips to SCIENCE Museums only to have the guide give my group "The Christian" tour instead of the tour they give the public school students. When I have called them on it they said "Well since you homeschool we didn't think you would want to hear about evolution". Well why on earth would I have been at a Science Museum then?

  6. Mrs C, I think both sides are intolerant of the others views.

    The Fundamentalist Christians bash gays, want to prevent gay marriages, sex education and legislate morality.

    The liberals feel attacked and want to legislate laws limiting the Fundamentalist Christians ability to pass their beliefs on to others.

  7. What does one's choice of family planning have to do with one's beliefs about the origins of life? Some Evangelicals embrace contraceptives but reject evolution. Some Catholics do the opposite.

    I don't think the government should interfere with what people choose to do in their personal lives so long as it doesn't harm another person (such as abortion) and no one else is forced to condone it (which is the problem with changing the definition of marriage to include homosexual unions).

  8. Crimson Wife I understand why you are opposed to homosexual marriage, BUT why should your religious beliefs prevent someone whose religious beliefs are different from marrying? I admit the idea of homosexuals marrying makes me uncomfortable BUT I don't think my discomfort should stand in the way of someone elses happiness. I also think that the children of homosexuals deserve to have their parents legally married so they will have the legal protection that offers.

    In all honesty allowing homosexuals to marry doesn't harm anyone and it ends the discrimination they and their families face.

  9. I don't particularly care if states want to extend the same legal protections to homosexual unions as they do to married couples. CA has done that for years, and nothing in the recently passed Prop. 8 changes that.

    Legal rights isn't the issue- it's what is taught in the government-run schools (since the state ed code requires the promotion of marriage in sex ed classes) and the freedom of houses of worship to stick to the traditional definition of marriage. If a church wants to bless a homosexual union, that's their prerogative. But the state has no business forcing them to do so.


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