Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NAACP against charter schools in Mississippi

The NAACP is the reason the public schools in Mississippi are dismal failures. Whenever Mississippians try to make real changes that would improve the public school system for all children and give parents the chance to be more involved in their child's education the NAACP yells " segregation" and we revert to the status quo that keeps all the public school children in ignorance.

Johnson said charter schools are a form of segregation that uses taxpayers’ dollars.

“It’s taking resources that are currently lacking in public education and redirecting them to a small percentage of students,”

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  1. Wait.. what are they even saying about black families when they claim this would be segregation? Black people can't advocate for their children as well as whites? Don't get as involved? Or ONLY black children would be "left behind" in a crummy school, so let's make sure no one gets ahead? (huh?)

    I really, really don't get the substance of the argument, seriously. Perhaps they have some great reason to be concerned, but I don't see it from the article. In fairness, the article doesn't go into WHY the offering of another choice with public money leads to "segregation."


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