Thursday, November 06, 2008

The biggest threat to our homeschooling freedoms

This man and others like him.

First we were treated to Why Vote Early?

I didn't even realize you could vote early, but apparently in many states you can.

I guess Mr. Fundy Christian has never heard of absentee ballots. My eldest had to vote early as he was off at college in another state on election day.

Then the gem Preparing for Post-Election Violence . This was the most racist and insulting tripe imaginable, we have been electing a President every four years without violence (even after the 2000 Chad fiasco) but Mr. Fundy Christian assumes that since an African-American is a candidate if he loses there will be violence.

This election year is somewhat different than previous ones. We're looking at large segments of the population who haven't traditionally been politically active, and we're looking at a specifically charged environment. I think possibly now more than ever, we are at risk of post-election riots.

Next up We Get What We Deserve

An ungodly nation elects an ungodly leader.

This is where Mr. Fundy Christian's agenda starts to show. He isn't truly happy with a Republic in which people are free to chose what religion to follow, nope he wants a theocracy where his beliefs would be imposed on others by their 'godly leader'.

Day One - Behind Enemy Lines , honestly Obama hasn't even taken office yet and Mr. Christian Fundy is already spewing nonsense.

We are travelers in an unholy land now. In this America, it's just a medical procedure to rid yourself of unwanted children. In this America, children you do decide to let live will be the property of the state via national service. The tenets of most major religions will become "hate speech" and illegal in the eyes of the law. We will be systematically disarmed, disallowed, regulated, and controlled. Our children, now the property of the state, will be forced into belief systems only sanctioned by the state.

Apparently Mr. Fundy Christian couldn't handle logical debate so he posted The Idiots Cometh

I'm turning on comment moderation for awhile. Some nimwit Obama supporter has linked to one of my many diatribes and the idiots are descending en masse. They don't have an argument. They don't have a viable discussion point. They just like to attack. So I'll stop them at the gate.

And perhaps the most idiotic of all his post Thinking With Emotion .

Ruled by emotion, they decided to "make history" as opposed to voting for a candidate who shared their principles. Many believed they were "setting things right" by electing a black man. They don't seem to understand that history is not made, it simply happens. Those who set out to make history invariably end up doing something bad and ... well ... making history.

Obama wasn't elected because he is bi-racial. Obama wasn't elected because his Father was from Kenya. Obama was elected because after visiting the candidates websites, listening to the debates and reading the campaign literature Americans decided that Obama was the best person to fill the post of President. Yes, a few people may have voted for him because he was African-American but then again a few probably didn't vote for him for the same reason.

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