Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Review ~ Roanoke by Lee Miller

This was an interesting book Miller hypothesizes that Walsingham sabotaged the colonist in order to destroy Raleigh. He believes when the colonist realized that supplies would not be coming they moved inland to live with a friendly Indian tribe. Because the Indians were not immune to the diseases the colonist carried the tribe was decimated by small pox allowing their enemies (The Mandoag) to overcome them and carry the colonist along with their Indian allies off as slaves.


  1. I'm reading this now. Interesting so far. The writing style is different and took me a bit to adjust too.

    I only skimmed the review, because I haven't finished yet.

  2. I enjoyed it, but found it slow going at first. I hope once you finish you'll come back and let me know what you thought of it.


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