Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homeschool Blog Awards ~ Nominations Closed

Nominations for Alasandra's Homeschool Blog Awards are now closed. Since Mother Crone's Homeschool is now offline, I am going to drop it from the adult blogs. I am really disappointed that Angela choose to discontinue her blog as it was one of my favourites and I thought it contained a lot of wonderful material. I will start working on getting the polls up, I hope to be finished by November 1st.

  • Adult Blogs-
    Mother Crone's Homeschool (offline) ~ removed from contest.
    Ragamuffin Studies
    Day by Day Discoveries
    The New Unschooler
    Bore Me to Tears
    Get In, Hang On
    Handmade Homeschool
    Homeschooled Twins
    Welcome to Barton Cottage
    Our Busy Homeschool
    Ramblings, Rants & Remedies
    Survive the Experience
    Little Blue School
    Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
    At Home Science
    Homeschooling Ideas
    The Thinking Mother
    Principled Discovery
    Kim's Play Place
    Home Spun Juggling
    Hilltop Academy
    Homeschool Buzz
    Here in the Bonny Glen
    Schooling from the heart
    Renaissance Mama
    As Cozy as Spring

  • Group Blogs-
    Cocking a Snook!
    Growing in Grace
    Radical Unschoolers' Network
    Life Without School
    The Homeschool Classroom

  • Teen Blogs-
    The Daily Planet
    Quilted Story
    Esme Emannuel

    Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

    Thanks, Alesandra. I am honored to be nominated! I came by to read another post and found this. How do I nominate some of my fave's?

    Alasandra said...

    Just leave the name(s) of the blog(s), what category it/they fit in and a link to it here in the comments

    Example I nominate ________ for Adult Blog (link)

    I nominate ________ for Group Blog (link)

    you get the idea.

    Gina said...

    Can I nominate a teen group blog? It's Growing in Grace.

    Alasandra said...

    Yes, you may nominate a teen group blog.

    JJ Ross said...

    I'd like to nominate Colleen's adult unschooling blog, The New Unschooler. I think I nominated her last year when she was VERY new but if she didn't win then she's eligible again, right? :)
    Also, I honestly see provocative things at Lynn's that I just don't find anywhere else, a very personal blog with its own decidedly not boring voice, so please include Bore Me to Tears too, in the adult blog category?

    p.s. Thanks for having Snook in the mix again; Nance and I are glad you've taken this on and so pleased to participate.

    Alasandra said...

    You are very welcome JJ.

    Lynn said...

    Hi JJ,

    Thanks for nominating me. I'm laughing because you're the second person this month to use the word "provocatory" to describe my blog :D ...So, does this mean that I should lay off the strawberry daiquiris while blogging??

    Thanks also to Alasandra :)

    Lynn @ boremetotears

    Colleen said...

    Yippee! Thanks JJ and Alasandra. I'm already working on my campaign slogan. Oh wait, that's for elections not blog awards...

    Angela said...

    Thanks dear! I've been so behind on my blogging lately, that this comes as a great surprise and gives me incentive to start writing again!

    Alasandra said...

    You are very welcome Angela.

    Kim said...

    For adult blog I nominate Get In, Hang On by Meg

    And also for adult blog I nominate handmade Homeschool by Sarah at

    For group blogs, well, network of blogs I nominate the Radical Unschoolers Network

    Lostcheerio said...

    I nominate Homeschooled Twins for adult blog:

    I nominate Life Without School for group blog:

    I nominate Quilted Story for best teen blog:

    That's it. ;)

    Nella said...

    I would like to nominate two different blogs. The first adult blog is

    and the second adult blog is

    I visit them both but don't know either.

    Anonymous said...

    I nominate Survive the Experience for Adult Blog.

    Shez said...

    Thanks for nominating me. I nominate the following adult blogs:
    Little Blue School
    Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
    At Home Science
    Homeschooling Ideas
    The Thinking Mother

    christinemm said...

    Oh what a surprise! I'm happy for the nomination!

    Thanks Shez!

    Kris said...

    Thank you so much for the nomination. It's an honor to even be considered.

    Julie said...

    Wow - I've been nominated! I am pretty new so this is a real shock. Thank you so much.

    Alasandra said...

    You are very welcome, Julie.

    Renae said...

    My nomination goes to Principled Discovery for Adult Blog.

    Alasandra said...

    Kris, you are welcome.

    Kim said...

    Hey! I got nominated. I'm really amazed to even make the same list with such good material. I already see most of my regular reads have been nominated.

    I would like to nominate Home Spun Juggling in the adult category.

    Again, thanks.

    jugglingpaynes said...

    Well thank you!
    It's an honor just to be nominated!
    Thanks for organizing this, Alasandra.

    Peace and Laughter!

    Kris! said...

    Thank you Shez for your nomination! Thank you for organizing this, Alesandra.

    I, too, would like to nominate for the adult blog category:
    Handbook of Nature Study

    By sun and candlelight

    and for the group blog:
    Unity of Truth

    Saille said...

    Wow...I don't know who nominated me, but thanks!

    flmom said...

    One of my favorites is already on the list, but I'd like to nominate another favorite...

    Hilltop Academy for adult blog.

    kellieann said...

    Wow! Thanks for the nomination....I'm honored!

    Nicole said...

    Mother Crone seems to have gone offline. Neat links to look through, thanks!

    Alasandra said...

    Thanks for letting me know about Mother Crone.

    Does anyone know why she removed her blog? She had some really good links.

    Shez said...

    Esme Emmanuel for teen blog.

    Kris said...

    I'd like to nominate The Homeschool Classroom for group blog.

    Anonymous said...

    My go-to blog every day is homeschoolbuzz! - Julie

    Penny in VT said...

    I'd like to nominate Here in the Bonny Glen, Melissa Wiley's awesome blog, in the Adult Blog category - thanks for the chance to honor these great people who share their lives with us!

    patience said...

    Ah, I see someone else has nominated Melissa Wiley's blog as I intended to do also.

    There are so many blogs I love but I'll limit myself to nominating the following three, all of which are in the adult blog category ...

    Schooling from the heart

    Renaissance Mama

    and As Cozy as Spring

    MotherCrone took her weblog offline for privacy reasons.

    Dawn said...

    Wow! What a nice surprise! Thank you so very much.