Monday, July 28, 2008

Funding losses are not Ohio homeschooler’s fault…..

Drop by The Informed Parent and read Funding losses are not Ohio homeschooler’s fault…..

It was reported locally that the administrator’s comments followed a remark about the loss of funding to private schools and home educators. Perhaps the local public school administrator is confusing those enrolled in a public virtual school with home educators? He or she wouldn’t be the first. Except for tax dollars paid by the parents of home educated children, Ohio home educators do not bring money into a district, nor do they take money away from it. They simply happen to live in the district. However, public e-schoolers who live in the district and are enrolled in a statewide e-school that originates somewhere else in the state or country do require local funds to leave a district.

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  1. Confusion about funding sometimes cracks me up. I mean, can you imagine accusing couples on birth control of robbing the district of funding by preventing the conception of children to attend their schools?

    And is it supposed to inspire confidence in the system when those who are responsible for its policies and operations don't even understand how it is funded?

    Why is it that many times home educators who do not use the system know more about the system than those in charge of the system?


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