Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking Parents: Should every kid go to college? (Due July 15)

Question: Do you agree that college for all is a worthy goal? Why or why not? Is it even a reasonable goal for all students to be "college ready"?

I really think kids today need some sort of preparation before joining the work force be it a community college 2 year program or a 4 year university program. More and more high school diplomas do not indicate that students have even the basic skills necessary for most jobs. Since a college degree gives students a chance at a better life all children that are "college ready" should be given the opportunity to attend college.

Are all children college material? Unfortunately "No" and we must have some sort of program in place so these children can get the training they need to find employment.


  1. Hey, Alasandra - I believe COD corrected the due date since you posted. It's now listed as July 15, so don't miss out! :)

  2. Thanks JJ, I already linked because I will forget otherwise. I am very scatterbrained these days.


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