Sunday, February 12, 2006

Give Me Back My Book
Have you ever sat down with a good book, really started getting into it and had to get up to answer the phone, cook supper, or one of the million other things Mom's have to do, only to discover your teenage son has made off with your book??????
It happens all the time around my house. I really have to find a way to put a stop to it. But in Sean's defense Elizabeth Peter's latest book in the Amelia Peabody series is well worth fighting over.
For those unfamiliar with the series, here is a cast of characters (by no means complete)
Amelia Peabody Emerson - her journals are the basis for the books. As she is a very proper Victorian lady you don't have to worry about the kiddies reading something they shouldn't.
Radcliff Emerson - prefers to be called Emerson, aka as the Father of Curses. The pre-eminent archaeologist of his time according to his wife. Stays pretty busy rescuing "Peabody" as he affectionately calls Amelia, but does get some archaeological work done.
Ramses - their son, aka The Brother of Demons, he is a handful as a kid, makes a terrific spy during WWI, seems to have inherited Amelia's talent for getting into trouble and his Uncle's (and I don't mean Walter whom he is named after) talent for getting out of it.
Sethos- aka The Master Criminal.................seems to plague the Emersons every season. Has a crush on Amelia much to Emerson's cringe.
Since space is limited other characters include
Peabody's family
Walter Emerson's family (Walter is Radcliff's brother)
and last, but by no means least the family of their Egyptian reis Abdullah
If you enjoy a good mystery, have any interest in Egypt or archaeology do give this series a try. Besides being entertaining they are educational. What more could you ask for.

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