Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One Homeschool Association to Rule Them All....................................
Ok, maybe it's not that bad. But the military has decided that they need to define homeschooling in order to meet their needs.
Apparently there was a goverment funded study (don't you just love the things they spend taxpayer money on??). Anyway the study found that most home schooled males choose to go to college rather then enlist in the military unlike their public school counter parts. Personally I want my kids (both boys) to go to college so to me that is a Good thing. They also found that the home school population in the military did not represent the home school population over all. Most of those classified as "homeschooled" had dependents (in other words they were married{and/or} had kids). What they were mainly concerned about was that those enlisted classified as Home schooled did not complete their enlistment period and did not re-enlist as often as their public school counter parts.
I am concerned about this bill for several reasons.
  • 1. Could all homeschoolers be forced to join HSLDA (or another National Home School Organization) in order to "prove" they were homeschoolers and provide a central data base for the military.
  • 2. Would we have to "teach" courses that the military deemed necessary for them to meet their goals.
  • 3. Would we have to allow the military to come into our homes in order to recruit our children.
There seems to be a lot of "unknowns" here. The biggest how does the military intend to define homeschooled.
I intend to work to defeat this bill.
If you agree please contact your U. S. Representatives NOW and let them know you oppose section 522 of H.R. 1815, The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2006. Otherwise Section 522 will slip through hidden in this huge bill when Congress approves the Defense Authorization for fiscal year 2006.
Here are links to contact information for both the House and SenateArmed Forces committees.
Here is a link to sign a petition
I just signed and there were 700 signatures.

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