Sunday, October 23, 2005

Should You Continue Homeschooling
Once Your Child Reaches High School?
According to Dr. Phil "NO".
Based on my own experience, I would say YES. Having successfully taught one son high school subjects and having him enrolled at the local Community College, I would have to say homeschooling benefited him tremendously. He was able to complete High School at his own pace, and start college at 16. Why should he be stuck in a public school where he would be bored silly, as they insist on sticking you in grades based on your age not your ability?
My other son who is still at home being homeschooled, enjoys the one on one attention, and has no desire to attend public school. He also enjoys an active social life with other homeschoolers as well as the public school students on his soccer team.
I did a little research on what the experts had to say about homeschooling during the highschool years and this is what I found.
And Zan Tyler's article refuting Dr. Phil's statement that high school kids should not be homeschooled.


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